What does it mean to go viral and how do you get there? Going viral has started playing a huge role in marketing and has become one of the main focuses for a brand. Viral content gives brands the chance to reach thousands of potential and existing consumers. All though it isn’t a guarantee, there are certain steps to helping your content go viral.

Know Your Audience:

The first step for any brand or person who wants to create viral content is understanding your audience. Your audience is going to be your main target to deliver relevant content to, whether it ties with their emotions, targets their interest, or is another source of entertainment to them.  Your audience is almost another source of a medium as they will help spread and share your content on their own profiles.


After discovering your audience to keep them engaged with your content you have to be able to connect with them. As stated above your content should connect with your audience on an emotional level, live within their interests, or provide them entertainment. With everything going on we always are receiving negative news, so nothing sticks out more like a sore thumb then when content provides positive energy. An example could be based off Drake’s new song “God’s Plan,” the music video produced shows him taking the million dollar budget he was given to produce a video and distributing the money amongst the less fortunate. This music video went viral overnight and now has 431 million views on Youtube and has been talked about all over the web. Next, is people always love watching or reading content that interests them, it keeps them engaged with your content. Also if it interests them they will probably share with all of their friends through their social media profile. Most millennials and Gen Z users turn to social media and media platforms for entertainment. Influencers have become huge in this sense because most of their content is a form of entertainment that they’re providing their audience.


Posts that have images or contain visuals are more likely to be shared. Powerful visuals that tell a story can make it easier for your audience to connect with your content. Also creating videos can help keep your audience interested with your audience. Social media has seen plenty of brands and influencers create videos to tell their story.

User Generated content:

User Generated Content also known as UGC is content that allows your audience or fans to create their own version. One of the best campaigns that used this method was Coca Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign, this campaign had every bottle with different personalized names. This allowed user’s to share a post with their coke through their social media outlets. The campaign was a huge success all over the world. This type of content works best, because you’re allowing to interact with your brand and put their own twist on it.

Going Viral Infographic