Video Transcription

Marketing is ridiculous. It’s it’s all over the place now for a lot of brands. They’re trying to kind of figure out, well how do I how do I use it. How do I get into it? I mean, I don’t have enough money to utilize Kim Kardashian or somebody like that. So influencer is something that’s really been expanding because of that. It’s actually pretty simple, it’s something that Sparx, which is our search and social company, offers.

And so in essence they have a network of thousands of localized influencers across the country and in markets where they don’t have them, they can build them out. And really what they do is they work with all of these different people who have these amazing social things.

They build campaigns out and those campaigns can be something as simple as, for a restaurant group example, we might reach out to an influencer or a group of moms who are really active with their families. We’ll provide them a free dinner in return for talking about their experience or it could be something even larger like for one of our beer companies where we worked with a surfer who’s got really massive influence to talk specifically about our brand when it comes to that lifestyle.